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Hello! Welcome to the RedMusic Productions and Orchard Hill Studios Blog. First things first, "Hi, my name is Orion Faruque. I am the CEO of RMP and the ears behind the console here at Orchard Hill. I wanted to create a way for me to keep you up to date on what's happening around the studio and for some of my personal production/engineering tips. I hope you enjoy!"

This month in the studio, we've been hard at work doing a few renovations including adding a loft to the Great Room and implementing a new headphone system. Spoken word artist, Greg Bryant, reinforced the loft, assisted in the installation of carpet and has been designing a ladder for ease of access. With a wealth of experience in the theater and on stages across the US, Greg will begin work with RMP in July to create his first spoken word album.

After a few weeks of pre-production, David Matters began tracking fing

er style, hollowbody guitars for his project, LifeLikeWater. David's patience, control and tenacity in the studio is not only refreshing but also makes for smooth and relaxing sessions. He will be back in studio friday night working on acoustic guitar tracks. Check out their facebook page for upcoming shows.

Midwest fusion artist, Trevor Weist, released his newest studio video this week. Mastered here at Orchard Hill by Orion. https://youtu.be/zkA8PEUdRZs

Looking forward to writing to you next week,

-Orion Faruque

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