Breathe E.P. by Orion and the Melted Crayons Release Radar

//The world is sparkling, sparkling like champagne.//

Our CEO released the Breathe E.P. on May 21st 2018 under the name Orion and the Melted Crayons. Its short run time of 15:30 pairs songwriter Orion Faruque's newest two songs with two selections of his established material. Breathe E.P. is the fruit of a rainy Sunday spent with bandmate Ryan Blanton at Orchard Hill Studios in Saluda N.C.

After playing the 2018 Saluda Art Festival, Orion was stranded at Orchard Hill Studios and decided to make it count. He challenged himself to compose a new piece, record 4 songs and release an EP in 24 hours.

After a Sunday morning writing Champagne, Orion called Ryan Blanton over to spend the afternoon tracking and a following night mixing. 24 long hours later, a collection of 2 of Orion's newest songs pair with 2 of his older favorites on the Breathe E.P.

1. Champagne 2. Breathe 3. Burning Down 4. Captain Obvious

Track 1, Champagne, was composed in studio on Sunday morning reflecting on the rainy vibage and uses Appalachian instruments. Orion played all the instruments and harmonies. Composed May 20, 2018 at Orchard Hill Studios in Saluda NC.

Track 2, Breathe, is the title track and has a radio folk feel with the most diverse instrumentation. Ryan is featured on mandolin and trombone makes a guest appearance. Composed April 2018 in Central Virginia.

Track 3, Burning Down, is a gypsy jazz tune written in WNC and Central VA in August 2017 during the wild fires. Ryan and Orion have a guitar conversation. Composed August 2016 on a longboard in Western North Carolina.

Track 4, Captain Obvious, is a indie rock song about not hiding from who we are. Composed December 2016 at Orchard Hill Studios in Saluda NC.


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